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LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-02-01-2019
Volume 32
Issue 2
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The third meeting in the “Emerging Separations Technologies” series will take place on Thursday 28 March 2019 at RSC Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

Photo Credit: Royal Society of Chemistry

The third meeting in the “Emerging Separations Technologies” series will take place on Thursday 28 March 2019 at RSC Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. The meeting will provide an insight into the latest innovations in the field of separation science, including instrument and column technologies, novel applications, and utilization in life sciences. The programme is designed to cover a range of topics, including multidimensional chromatography, hyphenated techniques including mass spectrometry (MS) and ion-mobility spectrometry (IMS), column technology, supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), and modelling software and their application in profiling and characterization applications, specifically for complex samples.

The day will provide a unique means of sharing real experiences with other professionals and will offer excellent networking opportunities. The programme is being designed to give attendees a range of interesting topics from highly regarded international speakers and new emerging professionals.

The programme has been separated into four separate sessions spread across the day. Peter Schoenmakers from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), a previous ChromSoc Martin medal recipient, will begin the day with a presentation on the current status and novel developments in multidimensional chromatography. Peter is working at the cutting-edge of research in this area and brings an important perspective on academic research and its application to separation challenges posed by complex samples as part of the STAMP (Separation Technology for A Million Peaks) project. There are numerous challenges to overcome and this major project will look at multiple aspects to address these, including developments in stationary materials, orthogonal mechanisms, detection systems, and ways to control the flows during the multiple separation stages. This will be followed by another complementary talk by Noor Abdulhussain (as part of the STAMP project) on the development of 3D-printed devices, which is an interesting and novel approach.

The second and third sessions will discuss the challenges of increasingly complex pharmaceuticals. This will include an industrial presentation from Eivor Ornskov from AstraZeneca (Gothenburg, Sweden) on various separation-based approaches for the analysis of polynucleotides, such as the development of novel methods for the analysis of modified mRNA. Further talks will discuss the latest advances in column technology and column characterization for increasingly complex molecules and the separation challenges involved. These sessions will include several vendor-sponsored short talks covering a wide range of topics including advances in instrumentation and new detectors for improved selectivity and identification capabilities.

Josephine Bunch from NPL (UK) will then highlight the current status and latest developments in IMS-based technologies and their increasing application in imaging applications in life science fields, including new modalities. A further industrial talk will discuss approaches for the characterization and analysis of advanced drug delivery systems and formulations, including nanoparticle formulation material characterization and methods for the determination of the release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from these drug–polymer conjugates.

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