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LCGC Europe

LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-01-01-2010
Volume 23
Issue 1

Flow cytometry software; GPC/SEC analysis software; Single cell gene expression profiling microsite; Qualification management platform

Flow cytometry software

Beckman Coulter has announced the release of flow cytometry analysis software that the company claims greatly reduces processing and analysis time, allowing researchers more time to explore their data. According to the company, Kaluza Flow Cytometry Analysis software features tools to simplify the management of multiple complex data sets, allows visualization of high-content data in different spatial dimensions on a single plot and provides real-time analysis of high-content flow cytometry files. It is reported that the dynamic workspace facilitates automatic organization of plots, combining with a zoom in/zoom out feature to provide an intuitive environment for data exploration. It can be used with both network and stand alone computers and is offered for research use only.

GPC/SEC analysis software

ParSEC, from Brookhaven Instruments, is a suite of software for multi detector, macromolecular characterization in the area of GPC/SEC analysis. The software features "function specific" views, which are reported to ensure an uncluttered display of information relevant to the task at hand, as well as annotation options for all graph types and a database approach for practical storage and archiving of data and results. The company claims that as the software is capable of collecting and analysing data from many brands of chromatographic detectors it is a suitable "drop in" replacement for all other GPC/SEC software currently available.

Single cell gene expression profiling microsite

Fluidigm has developed a web microsite to provide an introduction to the rapidly expanding field of single cell gene expression profiling. According to the company, visitors to the site can gain an understanding of the technology, find out how international scientists using the company's Dynamic Array chips are accelerating their research and evaluate whether IFC technology is right for their project. A five minute audiovisual presentation provides an informative introduction to how IFC technology is now providing a practical means of studying single cells. A wide selection of downloadable customer conference posters, peer-reviewed publications, success stories and application notes describe the technology in action and the benefits that the company claims it is delivering to leading laboratories around the world.

Qualification management platform

NLG Analytical has launched a new qualification management and execution platform designed to complement and extend the functionality and efficiency of the company's 'v-kit' chromatography-instrument qualification kits. Designed around a new qualification database with a web-based user interface, the v-kit Pro is reported to enable users to manage user-rights, qualification requirements and test-outcomes. Editable electronic protocols allow qualification of protocols to be defined, rather than just documenting set points and limits. Users can create system-type or instrument-specific protocols, edit and lock set points and acceptance limits, remove or rename tests, and review previously completed tests and protocols.

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