Equipment Roundup: New Laboratory Products from Waters, MilliporeSigma, Sartorius, KPM


In this article, the editors of LCGC highlight some newly released laboratory products from instrument manufacturers around the world.

Several instrument manufacturers have recently released new chromatography and laboratory product over the past few months. Below, we outline a few recent releases from instrument manufacturers in analytical science, laboratory products, and chromatography.

Waters’ ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector

Waters Corporation announced the release of the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector, which delivers high-quality, mass spectral data to chromatographic separations, according to a press release from the company.

According to the release, this new mass detector allows scientists to analyze a wider range of chemical entities with a robust, cost-effective, low energy consumption solution. It complements the company’s ACQUITY Premier Liquid Chromatography (LC) separations portfolio to enable flexible analysis of both small and large molecules across pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and materials applications.

Waters announced the launch of their ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector (displayed here).

Waters announced the launch of their ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector (displayed here).

Single quadrupole mass detection, according to materials available on the Waters website (2,3), is a highly reliable technique for many different application areas; unfortunately, the technique might be considered by some to be challenging to implement. By adding a compact, stackable, and energy efficient mass detector to complement an existing laboratory chromatography system.

“As we designed the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector, we extended the capabilities of the new system to address the expansion of new molecular entities, such as monoclonal antibodies and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonist,” said James Hallam, Waters vice president for Research, Development, and Advanced Testing, in the press release.

The ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector, the press release continued, is designed to integrate into existing laboratory workflows with the usability and format of a LC detector. It delivers a 20% enhancement in mass range in a simple, small footprint LCMS instrument designed to seamlessly integrate into highly regulated laboratory settings, ensuring compliance with ease. To enable scientists to deploy mass detection closer to the point of need, the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector also delivers improvements in repeatability and offers up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption and heat output compared to similar instruments.

MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q Lab Water Solutions

MilliporeSigma (4,5) announced the expansion of the company’s Milli-Q Lab Water Solutions benchtop portfolio.

The company’s Mill-Q IQ 7 Series water system supports the workflows of scientists using ultrapure water who need to assure accuracy, high reproducibility, and laboratory efficiency. In addition, because of features that result in reduced water and electricity usage compared to older generation systems, this water purification system has been classified a greener alternative product.

MilliporeSigma’s Milli-Q SQ 2Series of water purification systems is marketed as meeting the essential needs of scientists for ultrapure water. These compact water systems (as small as a sheet of paper) reportedly bring simplicity through innovation, offer quick upstart and minimal upkeep, can be easily integrated into any laboratory setup, and so easy and intuitive to operate that even untrained users are able to dispense water quickly.

Sartorius’ Sterisart Universal | Gen 4 Pump

Sartorius’s Sterisart Universal Gen 4 pump (6) is designed for barrier environments, which are essential for contamination prevention. The pump enables precise and sterile sample transfers and features advanced software for compliant, paperless documentation, catering to modern laboratory needs.

Sterility, the material stresses, is paramount in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as products intended for patient care must meet rigorous quality and safety standards. Barrier technologies, such as isolators and cleanrooms, are therefore essential for contamination prevention, necessitating solutions that enhance usability while ensuring compliance and facilitating seamless integration with existing systems.

Recently, Sartorius announced a collaboration with Sanofi to develop an end-to-end platform for integrated and continuous downstream bioprocessing. This collaboration, states Sartorius, demonstrates their leading position in the field of process intensification (7).

KPM Analytics NexaFlo

KPM Analytics website (8) recently announced the introduction of the NexaFlo segmented flow analyzer, an instrument the company states “leverages decades of chemistry expertise and wet chemistry analysis experience to provide the market with a more sophisticated, advanced solution.”

A key feature of the NexaFlo analyzer, according to KPM Analytics, is that it was designed to directly address laboratory safety. The analyzer includes a reagent containment system that prevents solvent vapor accumulation, reducing the risk of reagent spillage for a safer working environment. Furthermore, the analyzer sports a built-in display that allows operators to conveniently adjust chemistry and monitor any real-time changes withinanalytical conditions. These features combine to enable users to streamline their testing processes, meet regulatory requirements, and make informed decisions that are best for business and the environment.

“We recognize that, often, customers can struggle to achieve the right results during testing processes or lack adequate support in specific areas of application (trouble mode),” said Yuegang Zhao, chief commercial officer of KPM Analytics. “We address this by creating an analyzer that combines greater sophistication with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to train, troubleshoot, and adjust to help smooth the transition of adding and implementing new analytical instrumentation.”


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