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24th International Ion Chromatography Symposium (IICS 2012)

The 24th International Ion Chromatography Symposium (IICS 2012) will take place at Andel's Hotel, Berlin, Germany, on the 17–20 September 2012.

The symposim will be chaired by Andreas Seubert from the University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany, and co-chaired by Charles Lucy from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Ions (and ionic interactions) obviously play an important role in chemistry and ion chromatography is an important technique in the world of separation science. Ion chromatography is capable of analysing large biomolecules as well as small- and medium-sized ions.

The IICS 2012 symposium is specifically focuses on the separation and analysis of ions primarily by ion chromatography, but also other techniques, including capillary electrophoresis and other ion-related analytical techniques from electrochemistry and spectroscopy are featured.

IICS 2012 will provide an overview on actual and upcoming analytical applications from various fields of ion analysis, combined with the latest fundamental developments around new columns, detectors and complete analytical systems. IICS will provide an excellent venue to share your application or your analytical problem related to ion analysis.

Greg Dicinoski from ACROSS, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, will deliver a short course called an Introduction to Modern Ion Chromatography which will keep everyone up to speed on the history and advances of this exciting technique on the opening day of the symposium. This will then be followed by the welcome reception.

There will be a plenary lecture on Electrodialytic Devices in Chromatography: Past, Present and a Cloudy Crystal Ball by Purnendu Dasgupta, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, USA, and two IICS Award Presentions: Applying Host-guest Chemistry to Ion Chromatography by John Lamb from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA, and Simple andConvenient Water Quality Monitoring by Ion-exclusion Chromatography with Multifunctional Separation Mechanism by Kazuhiko Tanaka from Hiroshima University, Higashi-hiroshima, Japan.

Sessions at IICS 2012 include Multidimensional Ion Chromatography; Capillary Ion Chromatography; Smart Materials; Young Scientist Session; Water Analysis Session; Microscale Separations; Food Analysis/Carbohydrate Analysis; Combustion Ion Chromatography, Detection Techniques; Pharmaceutical Analysis; Forensic Analysis; IC–MS; Column Technology and a session on Fundamentals.

There will be posters and networking sessions throughout the event giving attendees the opportunity to meet with their peers and leading luminaries from the world of ion chromatography.

To view the final programme agenda and to register, please visit the IICS 2102 website at www.cass.org

Organizer: Californian Separation Science Society (CASSS)

Tel: +1 510 428 0740

Fax: +1 510 428 0741


Website: www.cass.org

10–12 September 2012

CoSMoS 2012 - Conference on Small Molecule Science

Rhode Island Convention Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


9–13 September 2012

29th International Symposium on Chromatography

Nicolaus Copernicus University Campus, Torun, Poland

Contact: Polish Chemical Society/Commission for Chromatographic Analysis

Tel: +48 56 6114308

Fax +48 56 6114837

E-mail: symposium@isc2012.pl

Website: www.isc2012.pl

3–5 October 2012

SFC 2012 – 6th International Conference on Packed Column SFC

Brussels, Belgium

Organizers: The Green Chemistry Group

Tel: +1 412 805 6296

Fax: +1 412 967 9446

E-mail: register@greenchemistrygroup.org

Website: www.greenchemistrygroup.org

22–23 October 2012

2012 International Light Scattering Colloquium (ISLC)

Four Seasons Biltmore Resort, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Organizers: Wyatt Technology Corporation

Tel: 805 681 9009

E-mail: marketing@wyatt.com

Website: http://www.wyatt.com/component/option,com_jumi/Itemid,120/fileid,12/#

7–8 November 2012

Lab Innovations 2012

Organizers: easyFairs

Tel: (0)20 8843 8822

Fax: (0)20 8892 1929

E-mail: Richard.Thompson@easyFairs.com

Website: www.easyFairs.com/labinnovationsS

Send any event news to Kate Mosford kmosford@advanstar.com

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