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36th International Symposium On Capillary Chromatography and the 9th GC×GC Symposium

The International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography (ISCC) has established its reputation as a forum for microcolumn separation techniques. Since the first meeting in Hindelang in 1975, the most important developments in capillary gas chromatography, microcolumn liquid chromatography and electromigration techniques have been presented in this symposium series.

The format and the atmosphere of the 36th meeting will be similar to the previous successful meetings, held in Hindeleng, Riva del Garda, Monterey, Baltimore, Gifu, Kobe, Wintergreen, Las Vegas, Dalia, Albuquerque, Portland and San Diego. Luigi Mondello from the University of Messina is the chairman of this year's event and Pat Sandra will be honorary chairman this year.

This year the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riva del Garda, Italy, will accomodate the 36th meeting from 27May to 1 June2012. The four-day event will feature recent findings from leading academic and industrial experts in the form of lectures and posters. The conference offers sessions on capillary gas chromatography, microcolumn liquid chromatography, electromigration methods and microfabricated analytical systems, which are expected to cover lab-on-a-chip, column technology, coupled and multidimensional techniques, comprehensive techniques, hyphenated techniques, sampling and sample preparation, trace analysis and automation.

Application sessions include environmental applications, energy/petrochemcal/industrial applications, biomedical/pharmaceutical applications and the analysis of natural products, food, flavours and fragrances. Workshop-seminars of instrument manufacturers and an extensive exhibition of instrumenation, accessories and supplies will run in parallel to the scientific programme.

At the meeting, the 2012 Marcel Golay Award will be presented in recogntion of outstanding contributions in the field of separation science. Outstanding research work presented as oral or poster contributions by youngsters will be awarded with the Leslie Ettre Award for research on capillary gas chromatography applied to environmental or food analyses.

To encourage scientific exchange and friendship building, the scientific programme will be spiced with the well-known "Riva Social Programme", which consists of a welcome reception, cocktail party, classical concert, cheese and wine evening, disco night and farewell cocktail.

Considering the interest in comprehensive techniques, the 9th GC×GC Symposium will be organized during the same period to allow scientists to attend both meetings. The 9th GC×GC symposium will start on 27 May 2012 with a course presented by experts in the field covering the fundamental aspects of comprehensive techniques and a plenary session on 28 May 2012.

For both meetings, abstracts for consideration as lecture or poster presentations can be submitted on-line at http://www.chromaleont.it/iscc All abstracts will be reviewed on the basis of scientific merit, novelty and practical application. Presenters at the meeting may also have their work published in a special volume of the Journal of Chromatography A.

Authors intending to submit papers for the symposium will be required to adhere to the following deadlines: A 300-word abstract must be received no later than 1February 2012. For abstract submission see the website: http://www.chromaleont.it/isc Notification of acceptance will be mailed to the authors by 1 March 2012.

E-mail: iscc@chromaleont.it

Tel: +39 090 6766 536 Fax: +39 090 358220

Website: http://www.chromaleont.it/iscc

1–4 November 2011

RAFA 2011

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Organizers: Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic and RIKILT — Institute of Food Safety, The Netherlands

Tel: +420 2 2044 3185

Fax: +420 2 2044 4369

E-mail: RAFA2011@vscht.cz

Website: www.rafa2011.eu/index.html

22–23 November 2011

CE Method Development and Validation Course

The Convent Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organizers: Kantisto BV

Tel: +31 611 419 429

Fax: +31 611 419 429

E-mail: info@kantisto.nl

Website: www.kantisto.nl

30 January–3 February 2012


Oud-Sint-Jan' Conference Center, Bruges, Belgium

Organizers: Royal Flemish Chemical Society and Royal Society of Chemstry

Tel: +32 92644986

Fax: +32 92649606

E-mail: htc-registrations@ordibo.be

Website: https://www.ordibo.be/htc/

11 March–16 March 2012

Pittcon 2012

Ornage County Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida, USA

Organizers: The Pittsburgh Conference

Tel: +1 412 825 3220

Fax: +1 412 825 3221

E-mail: info@pittcon.org

Website: www.pittcon.org

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