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MSB 2012

The 27th International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations and Analyses (MSB 2012) will be held at the Starling Hotel and Conference Centre, Geneva, Switzerland from February 12–15 2012.

The symposium traditionally focuses on fundamental aspects of separations on the 'micro'scale. This year, the organizers have added "Analyses" to the symposium title to emphasize that the symposium focuses not only on separation science, but also on the application of microscale separations for bioanalytical measurements in life science research, biopharmaceuticals development, forensics, toxicology, doping analyses, food safety and authenticity and environmental sustainability.

The symposium will offer plenary and keynote lectures and submitted oral presentations by leading academic and industrial scientists, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials and seminars by equipment manufacturers.

Leaders in the field delivering plenary lectures include Professor Ruedi Aebersold of the ETH Institute of Molecular Systems Biology in Zürich, Switzerland, who will present the opening lecture on Mapping and Measuring Proteomes in Systems Biology followed by an always entertaining lecture by Professor Mario Thevis from The Center for Preventive Doping Research in Cologne University, Germany, who will discuss Recent Challenges in Sports Drug Testing. Other plenary speakers will be Professor Barry Karger, director of the Barnett Institute at Northeastern University in Boston, who will speak on Translational Regulatory Science: Recent Advances in Microscale Bioseparations for Biotechnology Development, Dr Markus Bluemel of Novartis Pharma AG in Basel will speak on The Use of Micro-Scale Separation Methods in Development of New Biopharmaceuticals and Professor Thomas Hankemeier, director of the Netherlands Metabolomics Institute, will discuss Emerging New Strategies for Metabolomics.

The MSB symposia hosts the prestigious Arnold O. Beckman Medal and Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievements in the Field of Electrodriven Separation Techniques. The first recipient of the award will be Professor Pier Giorgio Rhigetti for his outstanding contributions to the development of new electro-driven separation techniques, which have been key to the development of many microscale separation and analysis methods. The award is sponsored by Beckman-Coulter and comprises a medal, a book honouring the 100year anniversary of Dr A.O. Beckman and a cash prize. A plenary talk by the awardee will be the first lecture on the first full symposium day.

The oral program layout will be arranged in two parallel sessions: one focusing on fundamentals and the other on applications of microscale (bio)separations. A strong workshop programme precedes the oral programme on Sunday. Further details can be obtained from the organisers.

Planned tutorials include Dr Joerg-Ingo Baumbach on ion mobility spectrometry, Professor Alexandra Vos on dielectrophoresis and Dr Fritz Erni on Quality by Design for Method Development.

A post-symposium course on capillary electrophoresis by Dr Cari Saenger-van de Grient will follow on February 16 2012. Important deadlines for the event include early bird registration: November 30 2011; Submission of posters for inclusion in the conference book: December 31 2011; and late contributions (not included in the conference book): January 31 2012.

E-mail: info@msb2012.org

Website: http://www.msb2012.org

22–23 November 2011

CE Method Development and Validation Course

The Convent Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organizers: Kantisto BV

Tel: +31 611 419 429

Fax: +31 611 419 429

E-mail: info@kantisto.nl

30 January–3 February 2012


Oud-Sint-Jan' Conference Centre, Bruges, Belgium

Organizers: Royal Flemish Chemical Society and Royal Society of Chemstry

Tel: +32 92 644986

Fax: +32 92 649606

E-mail: htc-registrations@ordibo.be

Website: https://www.ordibo.be/htc

11–16 March 2012

Pittcon 2012

Ornage County Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida, USA

Organizers: The Pittsburgh Conference

Tel: +1 412 825 3220

Fax: +1 412 825 3221

E-mail: info@pittcon.org

Website: www.pittcon.org

17–20 April 2012

Analytica 2012

New Munich Fair Trade Centre, Munich, Germany

Organizers: Messe München, Münich

Tel: +49 89 949 114 88

Fax: +49 89 949 114 89

E-mail: info@analytica.de

Website: www.analytica.de

25–26 April 2012

Ion Chromatography 2012

Silesian School of Management, Katowice, Poland

Organizers: Institute of Environmental Engineering of Polish Academy of Science

Tel: +32 2716481

Fax: +32 32 2717470

E-mail: michalski@ipis.zabrze.pl

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