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HTC-12 and HTSP-2

The HTC symposium series has established its reputation as a leading platfrorm for the exchange of ideas on hyphenated and automated separation systems in a wide variety of applications. The Old Saint John Conference Center, in the heart of historical Bruges, Belgium, will host the 12th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Hyphenated Chromatographic Analyzers (HTC-12) from 1–3 February 2012.

The three-day event will cover recent developments in chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques from leading academic and industrial experts, including fundamental aspects, new instrumentation and state-of-the-art applications.Historically the series has been a gateway between academic research and industrial implementation. The broad scientific and social contact time between the exhibitors and the industrial and academic attendees aims to maximize the crosspollination of ideas, concepts and enthusiasm between those involved in hyphenated techniques. Instrument and equipment vendors will display their latest systems in the exhibition space integrated with the catering area. Presentations of the shortlisted posters and special vendor seminars will also take place.

The programme features overview lectures, key-note lectures and oral presentations. Tutorials will introduce specific fields to relative newcomers. The HTC-12 programme is further divided into application areas including food, human health and air and water analysis. There will the sessions organized by the RSC on the Thursday 2 February. Other areas of interest involve life sciences, including pharmaceutical and bioanalytical applications; metabolomics; sustainability, environmental and industrial analysis, with special attention for process analysis and alternative fuels; green hyphenated chromatography; natural products; and hyphenated electrodriven systems. Key researchers have been invited to highlight the quality of the programme including: Aviv Amirav, Josep Bayona, Tadeusz Gorecki, Jurre Kamphorst, Robert Kennedy, Sergey Krylov, Bruno Le Bizec, Abdul Malik, Pat Sandra, Philip Marriott, Luigi Mondello, Janusz Pawliszyn, Valérie Pichon, Sarah Rutan, Gert Desmet, Robert Shellie, Robert Synovec, Oliver Trapp, Yvan Vander Heyden, Frank David and Tuulia Hyötyläinen.

To encourage scientific exchange and friendship building, the rich social programme will consist of a welcome party, reception at the historic Town Hall, beer tasting evening in a local brewery, symposium dinner and farewell cocktail.

Echoing the strong link between hyphenated and automated separation systems and sample preparation techniques, the 2nd International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques for Sample Preparation (HTSP2) will be organized on 31 January–1 February 2012, partially coinciding with HTC-12 to allow scientists to attend both meetings. The HTSP meeting is a strong programme in its own right, with a number of experts from around the world as invited speakers. Because of the overlapping schedule, participants of HTSP will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the HTC-12 lectures and posters — and vice versa.

Several awards will be presented during the course of these events including the HTC-award, sponsored by Elsevier Science, honouring the most innovative paper or poster; and the lifetime achievement award, sponsored by LC•GC Europe, honouring a scientist for outstanding achievements in the field of hyphenated techniques in chromatography and for distinguished service to the international chromatographic community. The most innovative poster contribution will also be awarded a poster award by the scientific advisory committee.

Short courses will be organised on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 January by Janusz Pawliszyn, University of Waterloo, Canada on 'SPME' and Hernan J. Cortes, USA on 'Multidimensional Chromatography' respectively.

Tel: +32 9264 4986; Fax: +32 9264 9606

E-mail: htc@ordibo.be

Website: www.ordibo.be/htc

10–12 October 2011

International Symposium of AOC European Section

University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Organizers: AOAC Europe Section and the German Chemical Society

Tel: +49 9163 88 337

Fax: +49 9163 88 456

Contact: Dr Klaus Reif

E-mail: klaus.reif@phytolab.de

Website: www.aoaceurope.com

17–19 October 2011

23rd International Ion Chromatography Symposium (IICS 2011)

Marriott Providence Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Organizers: Californian Separarion Science Society (CASS)

Tel: +1 510 428 0740

Fax: +1 510 428 0741

E-mail: ahein@casss.org

Website: m360.casss.org/event.aspx?eventID=26608

31 October–1 November 2011

22nd Annual International Light Scattering Colloquium

Four Seasons Biltmore Resort, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Organizers: Wyatt Technology Corporation

Tel: +1 805 681 9009 ext 210

Fax: +1 805 681 0123

E-mail: lmcgowan@wyatt.com

Website: http://www.wyatt.com/events/ilsc/22nd-annual-international-light-scattering-colloquium.html

1–4 November 2011

RAFA 2011

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Organizers: Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic and RIKILT — Institute of Food Safety, The Netherlandss

Tel: +420 2 2044 3185

Fax: +420 2 2044 4369

E-mail: RAFA2011@vscht.cz

Website: www.rafa2011.eu/index.html

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