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HPLC 2011 Dalian

The HPLC symposium series is one of the premier conferences for liquid phase separations and related techniques. The conference has grown to become one of the largest meetings in the world dedicated to liquid phase separation science. This international meeting is multi-disciplinary and brings together many of the world's leading authorities to address the practical and economic aspects of separation science, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

The 37th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2011 Dalian) will be held on 8–11 October 2011 in Dalian, China. The conference will take place at the Dalian World Expo Centre, Dalian, China, an exhibition hall which integrates services for exhibition, conference and performance.

HPLC 2011 Dalian will be comprised of plenary and keynote lectures, oral lectures, prominently featured poster presentations, and a comprehensive display of commercial products for separation scientists. The symposium will cover advances in all areas of liquid phase separations.

Currently more than 40 specially invited speakers from abroad have been confirmed, as well as more than 35 from mainland China and 5 from Taiwan. A list of prominent invited speakers can be found on the conference website.

Topics for HPLC 2011 Dalian will include Theory of Separation Science, featuring theoretical models and insights and data analysis and chemometrics; Advances in Liquid Phase Separation Technology, featuring column technology and stationary phases, monoliths and small particle technology, ultra-high pressure and high temperature chromatography, sample preparation methods and hyphenated separations such as LC–MS, CE–MS, LC–NMR and other hyphenated techniques; Applications in Life Sciences and Drug Discovery, featuring metabolomics, proteomics, glycomics, biomarker discovery and validation and pharmaceutical separations and analysis; and Other Applications, featuring food safety, environmental and agricultural analysis and polymer analysis.

Young scientists (under the age of 35) are encouraged to submit abstract for inclusion in the oral programme, and those that do can be considered for the PSC (Permanent Scientific Committee of HPLC Symposium) Young Scientist Award.

PSC Young Scientist Award aims to encourage the participation of young scientists in the HPLC symposium series and to recognise their contribution to the meeting.

In order to help the presence of young scientists to attend the HPLC 2011 Dalian symposium, travel awards sponsored by HPLC will be presented to students who will present either an oral or poster contribution at the symposium

For more information visit the website at www.hplc2011.dicp.ac.cn, e-mail hxl8110@126.com or contact Profesor Dr Guowang Xu, Co-Chairman of HPLC 2011 Dalian, National Chromatographic R. & A. Center, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian 116023, China. Telephone: +86 411 84379530 or Fax: +86 411 84379559.

21–25 August 2011

Dioxin 2011

Crowne Plaza, Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 739 3028

Fax: +32 3 743 1550


Website: www.dioxin2011.org

5–9 September 2011

The 17th International Symposium on Separation Sciences (17-ISSS)

Hal of Grand Hotel Napoca, ClujNapoca, Romania

Tel: +40 264 55 11 75

Fax: +40 264 55 11 75

E-mail: 17isss-secretariat@event-consulting.ro

Website: www.17issscluj2011.org

19–21 September 2011

Advanced Analytical Methodologies in Drug Discovery (SSPA 2011)

Pavia, Italy

Tel: +39 0382 987174

Fax: +39 0382 422975


Website: www.scpaweb.org

29 September 2011

Seminar Biobanking

World Trade Center, Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8 723 50 08

Fax: +46 (0)8 205 511

E-mail: jenny.hagberg@lakemedelakademin.se

Website: www.lakemedelsakademin.se

10–12 October 2011

International Symposium of AOAC Europe Section: Quality Control of Botanicals, TCM, Herbal Food Supplements and Herbal Medicinal Products

University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Organizers: AOAC Europe Section and the German Chemical Society

Tel: +1 301 924 7077

Fax: +1 301 924 7089


Website: www.aoaceurope.com

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