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LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-07-01-2009
Volume 22
Issue 7
Pages: 378

This year CASSS, the International Separation Science Society, will be holding the 21st International Ion Chromatography Symposium in the heart of Malahide, Dublin, Ireland from 21–24 September 2009.

21st International Ion Chromatography Symposium

This year CASSS, the International Separation Science Society, will be holding the 21st International Ion Chromatography Symposium in the heart of Malahide, Dublin, Ireland from 21–24 September 2009.


The International Ion Chromatography Symposium (IISC) is a yearly meeting of the leaders in this specialized applied technology. Experts gather to report on advances in ion chromatography and innovative applications, as well as future directions of ion chromatography (IC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE).

Oral presentations will be arranged in two parallel sessions consisting of plenary sessions and keynote lectures from speakers invited from academia, industry and government bodies. Topics covered will include Industrial Applications (food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and nuclear and power generation); Capillary, Miniaturized and Chip-based Systems (electrophoretic and chromatographic); Advances in Detection; Trace analysis and Preconcentration- based methods, Hyphenated techniques and speciation, New column technologies (packed columns and monoliths), Forensic analysis; New Column Technologies: Environmental Analysis (anionic species and cationic species); Bio-analytical Separations; and Historical Perspectives.

As well as the oral and poster sessions, there will be a series of short courses and workshops delivered by experts to encourage the involvement of scientists new to the field of ion analysis. Topics will include an introduction to modern IC, which will cover the fundamentals of instrumentation and column selection, and also relevant applications that demonstrate the benefits of this technique in practice. Recent advances in this technology will also be discussed, focusing specifically on smaller, faster and smarter separations.

There will also be a short course on detection techniques, reviewing the basic theory of chromatographic detection systems, covering the principles of conductivity detection in IC in detail, as well as providing an overview of advanced detection techniques: postcolumn reaction (PCR), electrochemical (e.g., integrated and 3D pulsed amperometry), and mass spectrometry (MS).

Additionally, a short course on statistics for analytical chemists will provide an introduction to statistically sound techniques for calibrating when using IC, and calculating measurement uncertainty, detection limits and quantification limits. Spiking studies and recovery calculations will also be included.

Workshops will include Valve Switching for Automated Sample Preparation and 2D chromatography, Method Development, including eluent generation, column selection and suppression and Sample Preparation and Sample Handling for Trace Analysis.

The symposium will also include a three-day exhibition displaying the latest instrumentation and equipment and there will also be a number of social activities tailored to encourage maximum interaction and discussion amongst delegates.

The town of Malahide, where the symposium is being hosted this year, is a beautiful, bustling, coastal town within easy reach of the airport and the city centre. The Grand Hotel Malahide, where the event will be taking place, is within walking distance of several of the very best pubs, restaurants, golf courses and tourist attractions in County Dublin.



31 August–2 September 2009

The 9th International Conference Vitamins, Nutrition and Diagnostics

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Brno

Organizer: Radanal Ltd, Society for Nutrition, Prague and Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Address: Radanal Ltd Okružní 613, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 466 650 618

Fax: +420 466 651 171

E-mail: info@radanal.cz

Website: www.vitamins.cz

6–10 September 2009

Euroanalysis 2009

Congresse and Messe, Insbruck, Austria

Organizer: PCO Tyrol Congress

Address: Ina Kaehler, Rennweg 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Tel: +43 512 575600

Fax: +43 512 575607

E-mail: euroanalysis09@come-innsbruck.at

Website: http://www.euroanalysis2009.at

15 September 2009

LabLogic European User Group

Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, UK

Organizer: LabLogic Systems Limited

Contact: Huw Loaring

Address: 3 Melbourne Avenue, Sheffield, UK, S10 2QJ

Tel: +44 114 266 7267

Fax: +44 114 266 3944

E-mail: solutions@lablogic.com

Website: www.lablogic.com

17–18 September 2009

Big Prep 5

GlaxoSmithKline Medicines Research Centre, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

Organizer: The Chromatographic Society

Contact: Ted Adlard

E-mail: e.adlard77@btinternet.com

Website: www.chromsoc.com

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