Fundamentals and Strategies for Faster Method Development for Reversed-Phase LC

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 1pm EDT | 12pm CDT | 10am PDT In this webcast we address the fundamental concepts and tools that are key to developing optimized methods via reversed phase liquid chromatography (RPLC)—the most adopted and common mode of separation science. Providing both an understanding of visual models (modified Tanaka tests) and numerical models (HSM) and using application examples, separation scientist of all levels will leave with an understanding of how to develop better methods and the benefit of superficially porous particles.

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Event Overview:

This webcast is designed to demonstrate how to tackle developing optimized reversed-phase LC method development with fast, reliable, high quality tools.

Topics covered in this talk are associated with the fundamental metrics that govern and describe the intricacies of optimizing methods, which are commonly used for in silico method development software and how analysts may select the correct column best suited to their analyte(s) of interest via a visual approach using the classical Tanaka test.

Last, but not least, real-world applications and method development scenarios will be showcased with state-of-the-art superficially porous particle (SPP) column technology that not only decreases the time spent on method development, but also increases the resolution which is a welcomed advantage to aid in separating target molecules from similarly structured impurity/degradation products.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand fundamental metrics that govern LC method development
  • Learn how to select column phases based on modified Tanaka test
  • Review case studies demonstrating method development

Who Should Attend:

All are welcome to this webcast as we have tailored the presentation to be inclusive of separation scientists and analysts of all backgrounds and expertise who are interested in a refresher in the fundamentals of method development and use of superficially porous particle column technology.

  • Method development chemists
  • New product developers
  • Chromatographers in pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical, environmental, agrichemical, university and governmental laboratories and more!


Conner McHale
Technical Support Specialist
Advanced Materials Technology

Conner McHale is a technical support specialist for Advanced Materials Technology in Wilmington, Delaware. He is with the technical support group where for over 5 years has focused on HPLC applications and quality assurance testing. In his applications role, Conner developed over 100 HALO application notes that spanned multiple market segments including biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food, beverage and emerging markets. Conner has presented at conferences including HPLC and EAS, and Pittcon. He earned his BA in Chemistry from West Virginia University and prior to joining AMT Conner gained experience in food science, specifically winery science where he was responsible for testing and monitoring the wine making process at a local winery. This included yeast preparation, monitoring fermentation temperatures, measuring brix levels, cleaning, and bottling – and of course sampling!

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