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What are the basic elements of preventative maintenance for a GC system?

The answer to the following question was provided by LCGC’s “GC Connections” columnist John Hinshaw.

Q: What are the basic elements of preventative maintenance for a GC system?

A:John Hinshaw: Preventative maintenance includes replacing consumable items and performing maintenance procedures on a regular basis. Important periodic maintenance includes the following items:
• Autosampler syringe: Inspect when adding vials. Clean every 200 injections. Replace when contaminated or leaking.
• Septa: Replace every 50–100 injections.
• Inlet liners: Replace with every other septum, or when dirty (100–200 injections).
• Columns: Evaluate performance every month. Replace when it falls below performance requirements, or every 6 months of use.
• Ferrules: Replace whenever making a connection, new or old.
• Detector: Evaluate performance at least every month. Bake out or clean only when contaminated or noisy. Replace consumables as required. Perform electron-capture detector wipe test as required.
• Gas filters ( including split vent filter): Replace or regenerate every two to four tanks, or as indicating trap requires.
• Electronic pressure control (EPC) pressure zero: Check every month

These items represent the minimum. If your internal procedures require more frequent period maintenance, that's good.

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