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E-Separation SolutionsE-Separation Solutions-12-09-2009
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The Twenty-Fourth IFPAC Forum and Exhibition will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront January 31-February 4, 2010 (www.ifpac2010.org).

The Twenty-Fourth IFPAC Forum and Exhibition will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront January 31-February 4, 2010 (www.ifpac2010.org). The conference will cover critical and influential topics bringing academia, industry, and government together to share up-to-date knowledge and solutions.The intensive three-day program will feature a high-profile plenary covering challenges and sustainability impacting industry and business today, and will be followed by forward-looking tracks with over 20 sessions covering the latest trends and technology on innovative research and progress. Here are some highlights:
•The QbD track is back with new and cutting edge information.
•Presentations on innovative research and progress in areas such as design space, real time release, PAT & process control, pharmaceutical imaging, bio-processing, chemometrics, biotechnology, spectroscopy, nanotechnology, separations, and data management.
•New sessions on food safety and analysis, continuous processes, and modeling.
• Expert speakers, ground-breaking case studies, group discussions, and networking Receptions.
•A comprehensive exhibition of PAT equipment and services.
•Special workshops/training opportunities and expanded poster session.

Highlights of the technical program include:
Tuesday, February 2, 2010Tuesday AM
Plenary Session
A Stimulus for Product Quality and Lifecycles...Facing Today's ChallengesChairs: Theodora Kourti, George Vickers and Vincent L. Vilker
Tuesday PM
• QbD - I - New Directions & Modeling
• Bio-Processing (Industrial)
• Advanced Instrumental Concepts for Process Analysis
• Process Analysis/Spectroscopy - I
• Process Raman Symposium
• Chemometrics and Process Analytics - ITuesday-Evening: Session on QbD
This evening session will provide the opportunity for an extensive discussion on issues related to QbD.
Wednesday, February 3, 2010Wednesday AM
• QbD - II - PAT
• Food Safety - Microbiological Contaminants
• Advanced Separations- I (MS/HPLC/Components/GC)
• Imaging: Data Analysis and Emerging Techniques
• Chemometrics and Process Analytics - II
Wednesday PM
• QbD - III - Applications
• Food Safety - Chemical Contaminants
• Advanced Separations - II (Smart & microGC)
• Imaging for Quality & Process Understanding
• Life Cycle Management of Analyzer and Method Reliability
• Poster Session
• Special Session I: PAT Applied for Biologics ManufacturingWednesday Evening: Session on NeSSI
Thursday, February 4, 2010Thursday AM
• Continuous Processes
• Food Applications - PAT
• Process Understanding & Control
• Pharma Waters and Real-Time Analysis
• Screening and Surveillance Techniques using Handheld Instrumentation
• Analyzer Integration
• Shelter Safety
• Special Session – II: Data Communications and Data Management
Thursday PM
• QbD-IV-Knowledge Management and Continuous Improvement
• PAT/Pharma/Biotech
• Particle Characterization/Analysis-Ultrasound Spectroscopy
• Process Analysis/Spectroscopy - IIFor more information, contact 847-543-6800, info@ifpacnet.org or visit www.ifpac2010.org.

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