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LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-02-01-2008
Volume 21
Issue 2
Pages: 118

Light up your life with millions of colours!; Gadget alerts you to your thirsty plants; No need to reach for the volume control thanks to new regulator

Light up your life with millions of colours!

LivingColors by Philips is a distinctive lamp that will provide a stunning addition to any office or laboratory.

The lamp uses four LEDs — two red, one blue and one green — and by increasing, reducing, brightening or dimming each LED they can produce more than 16 million colours!

The lamp comes in a beautiful yet tough transparent surround and though it appears round, it has a flat base so will be stable when placed on level surfaces.

It is powered from the mains with a translucent 2.5 m power cable, which together with the LivingColors power adaptor, reduces the voltage to just 5 V.

The radio frequency remote makes changing settings easy as there's no need to point the remote towards the lamp. You can also connect up to six LivingColors at any one time and can be synchronized to show the colours simultaneously. And another great feature of the remote is that it can "remember" the last setting, so no need to reselect after you switch off.

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Gadget alerts you to your thirsty plants

The Thirsty Light is a digital plant moisture sensor designed to be unobtrusive in the plant pot.

The gadget is left in the soil where it monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second. And when it's time to water your plants a LED light starts blinking to alert you.

With the Thirsty Light, you will never have to guess when your plants need watering again!

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No need to reach for the volume control thanks to new regulator

A new device means you will no longer have to adjust your TV's control to compensate for annoying surges in volume like quiet dialogue and loud commercials.

This, the Sound Regulator is an automatic controller to help you hear loud or quiet scenes at the right volume.

It automatically matches the volume of television shows and commercials to the volume level set on your television system. However, it also maintains the dynamic range in volume and sound intended in a programme: a whisper remains a whisper and a shout sounds like a shout.

Developed by International Control Systems, the regulator eliminates the problem of fluctuating volumes by separating the left and right audio signals and correcting each independently for true stereo sound.

Easily set-up and the only requirement needed is that your television has audio inputs for the Sound Regulator's plug-in.

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