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LCGC Europe

LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-12-01-2007
Volume 20
Issue 12
Pages: 658

Music lovers to have more hours of playtime - even on the move!; USBCELL revolutionize the way we recharge batteries; The digital pen you can use anywhere; New weapon in the fight against household pests!

Music lovers to have more hours of playtime — even on the move!

Creative TravelSound i50 docking speakers allow you to share your iPod shuffle tracks with power and precision.

Inside the brushed-metal case a combination of four precision micro drivers and digital amplifier deliver full, rich sound.

The speaker is fitted with a mini-USB port, which allows users to recharge the iPod Shuffle and TravelSound i50 system together, while downloading music from the PC. This means music lovers on the move can enjoy up to 21 hours of playtime on each charge.

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USBCELL revolutionize the way we recharge batteries

This revolutionary rechargeable battery charges directly from any USB port — so no need to have recharging devices, cradles or cables. Simply pop the built-in connector and charger into any powered USB port on desktops, laptops, keyboards or games consoles and charge the battery.

USBCELL can be used just like any normal battery, making them an extremely cost-effective alternative to alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries that rely on charger. USB ports are readily available in homes and workplaces throughout the world making the USBCELL convenient for battery-powered devices. Currently available in the AA format, the USBCELL will soon come in a full range of standard formats, phone and camera batteries.

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The digital pen you can use anywhere

Compact and completely wireless the Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive can be used anywhere — at home, in the laboratory, even lectures and conferences.

It's the perfect alternative to carrying a heavy laptop and is ideal for taking notes and jotting down diagrams in both the meeting room as well as the laboratory.

Unlike previous digital pens the Epos pen uses regular paper and simultaneously captures and stores all handwritten text and drawings in real-time to the Flash memory.

It also stores hundreds of ss of handwritten text and drawings as well as images, music and video files.

All stored data can be later uploaded to a PC via a standard USB port. Once uploaded, handwritten information can be transformed to text using standard handwriting recognition software, while notes and drawings can be edited and shared via e-mail and messaging applications.

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New weapon in the fight against household pests!

There is now a new and easy way to harmlessly remove spiders and other household pests.

The Spider Catcher is about 65 cm in length and so long enough to reach ceilings as well as other hard-to-reach or awkward places and corners. The bristles harmlessly trap the spider, allowing you to pick up the spider and release outside.

It is not limited to just catching spiders either as it can be used on beetles and crane-flies as well as moths, wasps, bees and flies trapped on your window!

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