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LCGC Europe

LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-11-01-2007
Volume 20
Issue 11
Pages: 606

So much more to this Walkman than just playing tunes; Mac users have new security at their fingertips; Ultimate burning green lasers; New screen technology will dazzle

So much more to this Walkman than just playing tunes

This is the latest Walkman from Sony.

It has a 1Seg tuner, not DMB, DVB-H, or Flo. Measuring just 86.8 × 48 × 12.3 mm, the NW-A910 series player holds up to 16 GB of flash memory and a 2.4 inch, 320 × 240 pixel display. The EPG, which is included, even allows you to schedule up to 10 programs for recording up to one month in advance for up to 100 hours of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 formatted television inside the device.

It also supports non-DRMed WMA and AAC, MP3 and linear PCM audio playback with SonicStage doing the sync work back to your PC. Rounding things out are a FM tuner, direct encoding from your CD/MD player, clear audio noise cancelling headphones, and a battery capable of powering up to six hours of television or 36 hours of audio.

But unless you live in Japan or you are travelling to the country, you'll have to wait before you get your hands on this Walkman, as it's currently unavailable in Europe.

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Mac users have new security at their fingertips

Mac users will be able to eliminate the hassle of being denied access to websites due to forgotten passwords.

The Eikon USB peripheral Fingerprint Reader and Protector Suite software are now deeply integrated with the Mac OS.

The technology will enable Mac users to swipe their fingertip to:

  • Logon, either at start-up or when returning from sleep mode

  • Unlock keychain to replay login credentials to web accounts and access secure notes and certificates

  • Unlock secure preferences to access administrator-level settings

  • Unlock the screensaver.

Passwords are widely used to authenticate users in Mac OS. However, many people risk exposing sensitive information by using simple passwords as they can be hacked, using the same password for multiple accounts, or writing down passwords that can be stolen. The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager replaces passwords and lets users employ stronger passwords they don't even have to remember.

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Ultimate burning green lasers

The Evolution Series is the incarnation of Wicked Lasers and designed to challenge the limits of the Laws of Photonics.

This is the ultimate burning green laser pointer. They are available in six different output powers ranging from 15 mW to a dangerously intense 125 mW.

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New screen technology will dazzle

This screen will give a new dimension to presentations.

Supernova's unique combination of technologies, which actively enhances both image contrast and brightness, means for the first time ever you can leave the lights on as you present.

The technology delivers more vivid colour and more detailed images, as well as being more economical as it requires only a small projector. It has up to 10 times higher contrast and two times brighter images than traditional front screens.

What's more, Supernova's hard surface coating and robust design ensure longevity of the product.

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