Peaks of Interest- Gas Analyzer Pinpoints Types and Origins of CO2 Emissions


LCGC North America

LCGC North AmericaLCGC North America-04-01-2008
Volume 26
Issue 4
Pages: 332

Piccaro, Inc. announced an ultra-trace gas analyzer for precisely measuring isotopic CO2, a marker of the type of CO2, and its origin. The instrument is based upon cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS) technology, exclusively licensed from Stanford University, Stanford, California and further enhanced at Piccaro.

The CRDS analyzers deliver parts-per-billion to parts-per-trillion gas sensitivity at high speed and without interference. The isotopic CO2 application was developed for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the instruments were used to study CO2 ratios and concentrations in plants and the atmosphere.

Isotopic CO2 applications also can include the monitoring of carbon sequestration and measuring mud-gas samples collected during the natural gas exploration process. Carbon sequestration is a process of capturing carbon emissions from power plants, compressing them, and putting them underground instead of into the atmosphere. Mud-gas analysis is done to help energy service providers pinpoint the quality and potential quantity of natural gases.

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