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PerkinElmer has opened new headquarters in Midrand, Gautengaim, South Africa.

PerkinElmer has opened new headquarters in Midrand, Gautengaim, South Africa. The new HQ will support existing customers, offering support to the mining and mineral testing, chemical and petrochemical analysis, food and beverage safety testing and pharmaceutical testing industries.

South Africa is an important region to the life sciences market and according to the chief marketing officer at PerkinElmer, Lapo Paladini, the region is key to the “growth and geographic expansion strategy” of PerkinElmer. Paladini stated that the opening of the headquarters will “support the fast growing local economy while helping customers advance human and environmental health in the region.”

The headquarters will also be the base of a newly established Customer Knowledge Center that will serve as a demonstration, application support and service center. According to Louis Clark, general manager at the southern Africa headquarters, the headquarters will have “responsibility for analytical sciences and laboratory services offerings, including providing customers with a direct application support, sales and service channel.”

Clark went on to comment; “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Life & Analytical Sciences (LAS) (Honeydew, South Africa) for their dedication and efforts in supporting our analytical sciences and laboratory services customers over the last eight years. We look forward to working closely with their parent company, Separation Scientific (SepSci) (Honeydew, South Africa), as they continue to represent and support our diagnostics and life sciences businesses and customers.”

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