Jeffrey S. Rohrer | Authors


Determination of Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) in Drinking Water by Suppressed Conductivity Detection

Development of an ion chromatography (IC) method using suppressed conductivity detection for the determination of Cr(VI) in drinking water.

Determination of Choline in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals Using Ion Chromatography: AOAC First Action Official Method Performance

Laboratories focusing on ensuring the safety and quality of infant formulas and adult nutritionals require cost effective, rigorous, international consensus methods to address gaps in current approaches. To meet this need, the AOAC International formed its Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN). This article describes the performance of the AOAC Official First Action Method (AOAC Method 2012.20) chosen by SPIFAN, which uses microwave-assisted hydrolysis sample preparation followed by ion chromatography (IC) separation with suppressed conductivity detection for the determination of the SPIFAN priority nutrient choline.

Faster, More Sensitive Determination of Carbamates in Drinking Water

U.S. EPA Method 531.2 describes the determination of widely used carbamate pesticides in raw surface water using HPLC with fluorescence detection following postcolumn derivatization, which enhances method sensitivity and selectivity as compared to UV absorbance detection.