LCGC North America-02-01-2020

LCGC North America February 2020
LCGC North America

February 01, 2020

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In situ measurements of the mobile-phase pH before and after the column help to rationalize the effects of mismatch in pH and concentration between the mobile phase and sample buffer mismatch in reversed-phase LC separations.

A top-down approach to quantifying intact proteins from biological fluids using liquid chromatography–triple quadrupole–mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) offers the potential for more absolute quantitation than bottom-up approaches. To make this broadly viable, however, commercial sample preparation tools are needed.

LCGC North America

Hybrid chromatography data systems are the worst possible solution for any laboratory, whether regulated or unregulated, and yet they are pervasive. Here’s why.

LCGC North America

Daniel W. Armstrong and Szabolcs Fekete are the winners of the 13th annual LCGC Lifetime Achievement and Emerging Leader in Chromatography Awards, respectively. Here, we review their achievements.