Compositional Analysis by GPC/ SEC With Multiple Detection


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LCGC E-BooksLCGC E-Books-06-01-2017
Volume e5
Issue 3

GPC/SEC analysis reveals a multitude of molar mass information about unknown samples that are chemically simple or homogenous. However, results for copolymers may be compromised by the fact that fractions with different composition and different molar mass may co-elute.

There are different methods on how to characterize such samples:

• chemical composition analysis studied in GPC/ SEC mode by concentration detectors

• chemical heterogeneity analysis investigated by HPLC based on retention differences of samples with different composition

• comprehensive 2D analysis that allows samples to be separated by composition and molar mass simultaneously.

This article will discuss the chemical composition analysis with multiple detection, while the latter two will be discussed in the next two articles in this eBook.

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