Developing Better GC Methods — A Blueprint


LCGC Europe

LCGC EuropeLCGC Europe-12-01-2014
Volume 27
Issue 12

Pages 678

An excerpt from LCGC's e-learning tutorial on developing better GC methods at

To obtain sensitive, robust, and reproducible gas chromatography (GC) methods, each stage of the chromatographic process needs to be carefully considered and optimized. It is also important to record and report as much detail within the method specification so that the method can be reproduced between operators, instruments, and laboratories. Table 1 represents a "blueprint" method specification with all of the information that is necessary to faithfully specify and reproduce a split–splitless GC method. Table 2 provides a blueprint starting point for the method development of a sample with unknown composition, but known to contain "trace" target analytes. Even if you are not developing methods - check the blueprint specifications against your GC methods. Do your methods contain all of the necessary details?

Table 1: Requirements for a properly specified splitless gas chromatography method with flame ionization detection (FID).

Table 2: Blueprint method specification for initial method development of a trace analysis using FID.

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