GPC/SEC analysis of Mono-, Di-, Tri-acylglyceride's


E-Separation Solutions

E-Separation SolutionsE-Separation Solutions-06-16-2008
Volume 0
Issue 0

Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc. has published an Application Note on GPC/SEC analysis of Mono-, Di-, Tri-acylglyceride's and Glycerol according to European Pharmacopoeia. A PSS SECcurity GPC1200 System with refractive index detector was used in this analysis. The use of a single PSS SDV gel, 5?m, 100?, 8x600 mm GPC column aids in maximizing separation efficiencies. The use of PSS WInGPC Unity software for data collection and processing allows for rapid analysis and reporting. Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc. Warwick, Rhode Island.

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