Technical Note: Modifying a Standard HPLC Autosampler for On-Line Process Monitoring

LCGC North AmericaSeptember 1999
Volume 17
Issue 9
Pages: 862–864

Autosamplers for most high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems share characteristic design features: enclosure in relatively small units and sampling operations performed with samples placed inside the autosampler housing. Although these features suffice for most HPLC applications, they limit the versatility of the autosampling operation when sample containers cannot fit inside the unit. In this technical note, the authors describe a simple modification of the standard HPLC autosampler flow path that enables automated sampling and analysis of samples outside the autosampler unit. An added benefit of the modified configuration is that it does not compromise operation in the standard mode, and switching between the two configurations is easy.

LCGC 17(9), 862–864 (1999).
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