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DataApex is an independent software company with expertise in developing and manufacturing chromatography data stations.

Company Description

DataApex is an independent software company with expertise in developing and manufacturing chromatography data stations. Its' solution includes genuine hardware and software as well as high quality technical support.

DataApex is a team of talented people with backgrounds in separation sciences, informatics, and electronics.

In-depth focus on chromatography software and its accessories and a clear vision of its future trends make DataApex a stable company with continuous annual growth since its establishment.

After more than 19 years in the chromatography software market, DataApex has grown into a well-established partner, providing a creditable background for trustworthy software and hardware development. DataApex holds ISO9001:2000 certification.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • GC

  • HPLC


  • CE

Markets Served

DataApex chromatography data stations represent a universal solution for laboratories and can be employed anywhere that chromatography is applied.

DataApex products can be found in a large scale of diverse markets — from small to big laboratories, university research labs to routine industrial applications.

Clarity OEM versions are available for producers of chromatography equipment.

Major Products/Services

Clarity chromatography software is designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time and is compatible with any commercially available chromatograph. It includes support tools for GLP/21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The software is highly regarded for its intuitive use, excellent performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Clarity is the 3rd generation of chromatography solutions from Data Apex.

Together with optional wide range of control modules and extensions (PDA, GPC, NGA, SST) it provides the laboratories with complete chromatography data system (CDS). It enables labs to control more than 300 different instruments from one environment and this makes Clarity one of the most flexible chromatography software programs.

The free demonstration version of the Clarity software and the complete list of controlled instruments can be downloaded from the DataApex website.

Clarity is also available in Chinese localization.


The international head office is based in Prague, Czech Republic (EU). A network of local distributors promotes DataApex products worldwide. DataApex products are sold to over 60 countries around the world and nine chromatography instruments manufacturers resell privately labeled versions (OEM) of DataApex software.


Podohradska 1, 15500 Prague, Czech Republic


+420 251 013 400


+420 251 013 401





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