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Orochem Technologies was founded in 1996 in suburbs of Chicago.

Company Description

Orochem Technologies was founded in 1996 in suburbs of Chicago. Over the past 12 years Orochem has grown into a multinational company with sites near Chicago and in Mumbai. Orochem is an ISO 9000 company whose products are sold worldwide in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry from analytical to manufacturing. Orochem has recently launched simulated moving bed technology for pharmaceutical intermediates which facilitates rapid product development from discovery to manufacturing.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Chiral chromatography

  • Flash chromatography

  • HPLC

  • Sorbent bonding

  • Silica manufacturing, 1.7 µm, 3, µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, and 15 µm particles; 100 å to 1000 å pore sizes

  • Solid phase extraction

  • Ultra HPLC

Markets Served

Orochem manufactures a wide range of products for professionals, scientists, and scholars involved in the following fields:

  • Clinical research market with sample prep products such as Orpheus Silica and Celerity Polymer phases.

  • HPLC columns, Hypersil, Inertsil, Kromasil, and Monitor provide a single source for all bioanalytical needs.

  • Flash chromatography cartridges which are ISCO, Biotage, and Jones Flashmaster compatible. These are used extensively in medicinal chemistry and natural precuts extraction. Quality and affordable price has always been valued by Orochem's customers.

  • Orochem's high throughput consumables and instruments have been valued in diverse industries such as drug discovery, drugs of abuse, and environmental monitoring, etc.

Major Products/Services

Sample Prep Products:

  • Desalting plates for Oligo and proteins

  • Hydrophobic, hydrophilic, molecular weight cutoff membrane filter plates

  • Protein crash on a filter plate or cartridge

  • Phospholipid and protein removal filter device

  • Solid phase extraction: reversed phase, polar, cation, and anion exchange phases

  • Celerity™ and Agility™ Polymeric SPE

Flash Chromatography:

  • AVALON™ ISCO compatible

  • ALEXA™ Biotage compatible

  • AQUA™ Jones Flashmaster compatible

  • ALEXA Snap™ Biotage SNAP compatible

HPLC Columns:

  • Epitomize™ Chiral CSP1 column

  • Gazelle™ 1.7 µm UHPLC column

  • Monitor™(L1); Prestige™ (L1)

  • Simulated moving bed chromatography

  • Large scale purification of small molecules


Orochem has two manufacturing facilities around the world. The Lombard, Illinois, headquarters has 25,000 square feet of manufacturing facility where most of the SPE, flash, membrane filter plates, silica manufacturing, and HPLC columns are packed. Orochem India, Mumbai has a 20,000 square foot facility and manufactures sample prep products for discovery and clinical research in Asia.

Orochem Technologies, Inc.

331 Eisenhower Lane South

Lombard, IL 60148


(630) 916-0225


(630) 916-0250






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