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Tosoh Bioscience LLC is a major supplier of chromatography products worldwide, particularly to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and polymer industries.

Company Description

Tosoh Bioscience LLC is a major supplier of chromatography products worldwide, particularly to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and polymer industries. Our portfolio includes columns for all modes of separation as well as a dedicated HPLC system, the EcoSEC® GPC system, for semi-micro and high-throughput SEC measurements. The company distributes and supports products manufactured by our parent company, Tosoh Corporation, which has offices and manufacturing facilities in Japan. TSK-GEL® and TOYOPEARL® products are used for the analysis, isolation, and purification of proteins, peptides, polymers, DNA, oligonucleotides, antibiotics, and other small molecular weight compounds. Our products are known for their ability to withstand high pressure, their robust chemical stability, and their superior performance for the recovery, concentration, and purification of biomolecules and macromolecules.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Size exclusion

  • Reversed-phase, normal phase (hydrophilic interaction)

  • Ion exchange

  • Hydrophobic interaction

  • Affinity

Markets Served

Located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Tosoh Bioscience LLC provides sales and service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers in North and South America.

Major Products/Services

Tosoh Bioscience offers a comprehensive line of TSK-GEL prepacked columns for each of the major chromatography modes, ToyoScreen® process development columns, as well as Toyopearl and TSK-GEL bulk resins for laboratory scale purifications and process chromatography.

Prepacked columns containing TSK-GEL media are designed for the analysis of proteins, peptides, other biopolymers, and low molecular weight compounds. The packings in the columns are either silica-based or polymer-based material, in particle sizes ranging from 2 µm to 20 µm. Columns are available in analytical through preparative sizes, in stainless steel, PEEK®, or glass.

ToyoScreen process development columns are available as an additional tool for convenient scale-up. These are easy-to use, pre-packed columns containing the popular Toyopearl resins and provide a convenient, low-cost method for the evaluation of Toyopearl ligand chemistries.

EcoSEC GPC system is a complete system for the analysis of polymers by GPC. The unit is ideal for semi-micro columns due to its low dead volume and as a result saves time, money, and valuable sample.


Tosoh Bioscience LLC is located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Supply chain offices are in Grove City, Ohio. European operations are in Stuttgart, Germany. Asia is served by Tosoh Corporation in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. Products are manufactured by Tosoh Corporation in Japan.

Tosoh Bioscience LLC

3604 Horizon Drive

Suite 100

King of Prussia, PA 19406


(484) 805-1219

(800) 366-4875


(610) 272-3028







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