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Measuring Organic Acids and Inorganic Anions with IC-MS

Ion chromatography and mass spectroscopy can be combined to create a powerful analytical technique. Check out this white paper to learn how IC-MS was used for the straightforward ID and quantification of organic acids and inorganic anions in one run.

Monitoring PFASs in water sources – Non-targeted adsorbable organically bound fluorine (AOF) analysis by CIC

Adsorbable organically bound fluorine (AOF) is used to screen water for PFASs. DIN 38409-59 outlines AOF analysis with pyrohydrolytic combustion and ion chromatography.

EPA Draft 1621 with Metrohm's Profiler-F

Explore Metrohm's Profiler-F Analyzer and its non-targeted screening of organically bound fluorine which gives a better overall picture of potential PFAS contaminants

Determination of Total Fluorine Using CIC

Learn how the non-targeted analysis of total fluorine can be done using Metrohm combustion ion chromatography.

Introduction to Ion Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (IC-MS)

Learn how this powerful tool that can handle many challenging analytical tasks

Introduction to Ion chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Read about the benefits of IC-MS over IC, the hyphenation of IC and different MS systems, as well as related norms and standards.