Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

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Pouring beer with bubble froth in glass for background on front view wave curve shape | Image Credit: © Love the wind -
Volatile Organic Compound and Sensory Profiles of Alcoholic Versus Non-Alcoholic Beer Using Immersive TF-SPME and SBSE

January 15th 2024

Non-alcoholic beers are becoming more popular and need to reflect the sophisticated flavourings of beers that are brewed containing alcohol. Sophisticated analytical techniques can help to achieve this.

A woman holding a urine sample in his hand | Image Credit: © Mediteraneo -
Detecting Quinolone Antibiotics in Urine

December 26th 2023

Hydrogen Cyanide dangerous poisonous gas in chemical glassware | Image Credit: © luchschenF -
Quantifying Cyanide Using Headspace Single-Drop Microextraction

December 6th 2023

France - Paris | Image Credit: © Phil_Good -
Event Preview: The Green Analytical Chemistry Workshop (1st TGAC)

November 3rd 2023

Castlefield Manchester UK | Image Credit: © SakhanPhotography -
Upcoming Meeting To Focus On Recent Advances in Gas Chromatography

August 26th 2023

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