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Chinese traditional cuisine bacon on wooden table | Image Credit: © Govan -
Measuring Volatile Organic Compounds with GC in Chinese Bacon

July 11th 2024

Shaanxi University of Technology scientists recently used analytical techniques including gas chromatography to identify various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in different types of Chinese bacon.

Biopharmaceuticals, capsules, close-up, black background. Generative AI | Image Credit: © dhansu -
A Study on the Optimization of the Ion-Pair Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Protected And Unprotected DNA Oligonucleotides

July 3rd 2024

Nucleus, Atoms, Elements or Molecules light science abstract blur background. | Image Credit: © Quality Stock Arts -
New Method of Ion Mobility Spectrometry Created

July 1st 2024

Women in Mass Spectrometry: Susana Palma of CIAD
Women in Mass Spectrometry: Susana Palma of CIAD

June 14th 2024

Life circle of apple fruit from fresh to rotten isolated on white background | Image Credit: © BOOCYS -
Volatile Organic Compounds Analyzed Using Comprehensive 2D Gas Chromatography

June 11th 2024

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