Ion Chromatography

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Chinese herbs | Image Credit: © ft2010 -
Toxic Alkaloids Detected in Chinese Medicines Using Laser Desorption Ionization

November 24th 2023

Scientists recently used laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (LDI-MS) to detect toxic alkaloids in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM).

Cell Cross Section | Image Credit: © alswart -
Pneumatically Assisted Nano-DESI Probe for Metabolomics

November 23rd 2023

Silver ions action 3D emblem - antibacterial | Image Credit: © Dmitry Kovalchuk -
Ion Mobility–Mass Spectrometry (IM–MS) Analyzed In New Minireview Module

November 13th 2023

texture of human skin with liquid highlighter swatch | Image Credit: © viki2103stock -
Skin Cells Tested Using MALDI-MSI Techniques

November 10th 2023

The circadian rhythms are controlled by circadian clocks or biological clock these clocks tell our brain when to sleep, tell our gut when to digest and control our activity in several day | Image Credit: © kanyanat -
Using Mass Spectrometry to Analyze Circadian Pacemaker Brain Synapses

November 2nd 2023

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