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Three of the study's coauthors. From left to right: Paul Lam, Yuefei Ruan, Qi Wang.
PFAS in Aquatic Environments: An Interview with Yuefei Ruan from the City University of Hong Kong

December 13th 2023

Yuefei Ruan from the City University of Hong Kong discusses her team’s research on the importance of monitoring PFAS in aquatic environments.

Leandro Wang Hantao is an assistant professor at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Campinas in Brazil. His research group is dedicated to developing fundamental and applied research in all aspects of conventional and multidimensional gas chromatography, with a particular emphasis on chemometrics. His work has been recognized with awards, including the prestigious “John B. Phillips Award” in 2019.
Untargeted Analysis in Petroleomics

December 1st 2023

Beautiful yellow Water lily (nuphar lutea) in the clear pound. Underwater shot in the lake. Nature habitat. | Image Credit: © Rostislav - stock.adobe.com
Testing for PFAS Analysis in Aquatic Environments

November 30th 2023

Gold and silver ingots isolated on white background. 3D illustration | Image Credit: © Destina - stock.adobe.com
Metallic Ions Observed and Analyzed Using Single Drop Microextraction

November 7th 2023

Handful of dark brown soil isolated on white background | Image Credit: © toomler - stock.adobe.com
Recent Study Reveals Organic Soil Variability in Sorbing PFAS Contaminants

November 3rd 2023

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