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Stock solutions for a purpose of liquid chromatography analysis, bottles are connected directly to the LC machine, science and research background | Image Credit: © Forance - stock.adobe.com
Retention-Time Variations Minimized Using UPLC-MS

December 12th 2023

Scientists from Fudan University in Shanghai, China created a system for reducing retention-time variations in metabolomic analysis using ultrahigh-performance liquid-chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS).

Conceptual illustration of neuron cells, close-up, Generative Ai | Image Credit: © maniacvector - stock.adobe.com
UHPLC–MS Method Used to Detect Purine Metabolites and Study Severe Biological Disorders

December 5th 2023

John Langley
Why is Open-Access Hyphenation Important for Chromatographers?

October 4th 2023

Generative AI - Abstract futuristic background symbolizing sustainability, showcasing eco-friendly practices and green innovation | Image Credit: © Ezio Gutzemberg - stock.adobe.com
The Paradox of Sustainability in Separation Science

September 8th 2023

Laboratory Test Tool | Image Credit: © Aris Suwanmalee - stock.adobe.com
Anomalous Retention Prediction Using Modelling Software in Gradient Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: Why it Can Occur and How to Prevent It

September 1st 2023