Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

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Reed Harris retired in 2022 after a 39-year career in biotechnology, starting as a research assistant and finishing as a senior staff scientist in the Roche-Genentech Pharma Technical Development department, with strategic, review, and teaching responsibilities. His former roles includ: Head of Investigational Medicinal Product Quality for Roche, senior director of Analytical Development & QC, analytical characterization scientist for Herceptin and Xolair, and head of a protein structure lab. He was the global (Genentech + Novartis) Xolair technical development team leader from Phase 2 through licensing. Reed is a CASSS Distinguished Fellow and has been an author of 49 publications, including 14 as corresponding author. He was a leader in the development of Roche-Genentech’s strategies for post-approval comparability exercises, clinical and commercial specifications, the identification of critical quality attributes, linking structure to function, the use of a risk-based Quality by Design approach for control strategy development, unexpected protein modification identification, and curiosity-based thinking.
Critical Thinking On Characterization

December 1st 2023

An interview with Reed Harris on critical quality attributes and other contemporary trends in biopharm analysis.

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Studying the Absorption and Escape Kinetics of Biomolecules

August 1st 2023

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Automated Material Discovery With LC–MS

June 20th 2023

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Rapid Monitoring of Chemical Reactions Made Possible by Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography

June 19th 2023

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Functional Copolymers Analysis Using Liquid Chromatography—Sort It Out

June 1st 2023

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